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Katherine HayesKatherine Hayes Joins CICBDD for Two Weeks

Katherine Hayes, from the LA area, came to UNC to learn about Chemistry and Drug Discovery.  On the recommendation of her teacher, she approached us with hopes of seeing a lab in operation, and to gain enough knowledge to write her senior paper.  Her two week immersion experience with Frances Potjewyd, Postdoc in the Frye Lab, has been incredible.  “Frankie is a great teacher.  She draws the chemicals to show me how it all works.”  Not only has she seen and experienced a lab first hand, she has had the opportunity to watch someone practice for an oral exam and another defend her dissertation.

Katherine will begin her undergraduate program at USC in the fall, but is considering grad school at UNC after that.  We hope to see her in four years!

When she’s not working on classwork, Katherine enjoys the arts.  She loves to sing and dabbles at film-making.

Good luck, Katherine!  With your intelligence and independence, you will go far!


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