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Project Proposals

The Center invites UNC faculty to contact Stephen Frye or Ken Pearce for an informal discussion of project opportunities.  The Center is a collaborative resource and does not operate on a fee for service or charge-back model. Projects of particular interest to the Center will be those for which there is good fit with the Center’s capabilities in chromatin science, assay development, compound profiling, medicinal chemistry, and a potential for joint funding. For formal collaborations, we will develop a detailed project plan. Collaboration with the Center will require execution of UNC’s Proposed Invention Income Distribution Plan (Intellectual Property Agreement), if creation of intellectual property is a goal. The Center has a therapeutic focus in oncology and a basic science focus in chromatin regulation. Projects that intersect with either of these areas would be of most interest.

General Criteria for Evaluation: 

  • Disease relevance of target/pathway – oncology and chromatin focus
  • Potential scientific impact of small molecule tools
  • Tractability of assay development and ligand discovery
  • Portfolio balance and fit with center expertise
  • Funding status & prospects


Ken Pearce by  email or by phone – 919-843-8461