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Our Mission

The study of DNA and epigenetics

The Center will be an innovative and sustainable scientific force in the creation of chemical probes, drug candidates, assay technologies, and computational approaches to advance understanding of biological mechanisms and place UNC at the forefront of translational medicine.

The Goals of The Center are to:

Make a difference for the future
Make a difference for the future.
  • Enable interrogation of biology with small molecules resulting in novel insights into human disease with a focus on oncology
  • Create the leading research program in chemical biology of chromatin regulation
  • Provide student and faculty training and enrichment in the areas of expertise within the Center
  • Create intellectual property to support translational drug discovery
  • Establish collaborations and funding base such that the Center is sustainable

Lab glasswareThe Center was initiated with funding from across the University and a significant contribution from the University Cancer Research Fund (created by the State Legislature).