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Stephen Frye, PhD and Lindsey James, PhD will collaborate with PI Matt Redinbo, PhD on his R01 grant from NCI entitled Microbiome-Targeted Probes to Eliminate Chemotherapy-Induced GI Toxicity.  The overarching hypothesis is that microbial enzymes expressed by the GI microbiome can be inhibited using targeted small molecules to prevent the unwanted reactivation of potent antineoplastic drugs in the intestinal lumen.  Redinbo is a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry with joint appointments in the Departments of Biochemistry  and Microbiology in the School of Medicine.

Collaboratory of AIDS Researchers for Eradication 2 (CARE 2)

Stephen Frye, PhD will lead Chemical Biology efforts at UNC as part of a multi-institutional program directed by David Margolis, MD, Professor of Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology, Epidemiology, School of Medicine, Director, HIV Cure Center (linked).  Delaney CARE is a consortium of leading scientific experts in the field of HIV latency from several US and European academic research institutions as well as Merck Research Laboratories working together to find a cure for HIV.  Frye will collaborate with Brian Strahl, PhD  Professor and Vice-Chair, Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Creative and Novel Ideas in HIV Research Pilot Program (CNIHR)

Lindsey James, PhD has been awarded a two-year grant for her proposal, Development of MPP8 inhibitors as a Novel Approach for HIV Latency Disruption.

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