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“It’s great to see the collaborative chromatin-focused science in the CICBDD recognized for its translational potential. Nate and Lindsey have created innovative programs that can hopefully lead to impact in patients with this initial support from the EII.” Stephen V. Frye, PhD, Fred Eshelman Distinguished Professor, Director, Center for Integrative Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery

  • Nate Hathaway & Lindsey James: Novel Bioorthogonal Chemical Epigenetic Modifier Development
  • Lindsey James: Development of Novel Therapeutics for Multiple Myeloma

“Kevin’s work on the development of anti-metastasis agents has already contributed to one compound,  Metarrestin, being placed in clinical trials. This new support from the EII will enable him to extend this project into exciting new directions.” Jeff Aubé, PhD, Distinguished Professor, Center for Integrative Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery, Professor, UNC Department of Chemistry

  • Kevin Frankowski & Sui Huang – Metarrestin Derivatives as Selective Anti-Cancer Agents with Reduced CNS Exposure

To learn more information about the newly selected projects, please visit the EII website.

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