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North Carolina has a diverse landscape from the Appalachian Mountains to the Piedmont to the Outer Banks, Whether you enjoy swimming, running, hiking or cycling, you can find it in North Carolina.  In the center of it all is Chapel Hill, the home of The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.


Chapel Hill is one of few places that offers world-class research opportunities with a high quality of life and a warm climate. Chapel Hill, and its adjoining town Carrboro, are part of the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, along with the cities of Durham and Raleigh. It’s often said that the region has the highest concentration of PhD’s due to the area’s Universities (UNC, NC State , Duke ) and Research Triangle Park. The area is renowned for its hospitality, its food, and its music scene.

There are lots of outdoor activities in the area, including cycling, running, and swimming (hence all the triathletes). Chapel Hill is also ~2 hours from the Atlantic Ocean, ~2 hours from the mountains, and ~4.5 hours from the Great Smoky Mountains.

Greetings from Chapel Hill Mural

What to do in Chapel Hill

UNC-CH Visitors Guide

Chapel Hill Public and Cultural Arts Office

Comprehensive Information available from the
Chapel Hill-Orange County Visitors Bureau
 slide_franklin_street (airial view)

The Chapel Hill Historical Society

University of North Carolina
(including Ackland Art Museum and more)

Cats Cradle (live music)

Merritt’s Grill (best BLT you’ve ever had)

Carrboro Farmer’s Market (the hub of a vibrant local food community)

The Preservation Society of Chapel Hill at the Horace Williams House

The Arts Center


Old Well

Chapel Hill's Carolina Blue Fire Hose Truck with the Tar Heel on Back